About Us

The MSCVPR Mission is to provide educational opportunities for professionals and students whose primary involvement is the care, prevention and education of the cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases through sponsorship of conferences, scientific meetings and publications. Additionally, we would like to:

  • promote and exchange of ideas and network to enhance career opportunities and promote best practices within the state of Michigan.
  • provide recommendations and assistance for standards of care for cardiovascular and pulmonary prevention and rehab programs.
  • support the mission and initiatives of AACVPR and other professional and governmental organizations that parallels the initiatives of MSCVPR.
  • increase awareness and highlight the benefits associated with cardiovascular and pulmonary prevention and rehab programs.
  • facilitate active participation by members in governmental advocacy and communicate issues relating to reimbursement within the state of Michigan.

Initiative I

Offer high quality educational opportunities for CR/PR professionals.


  1. Continue offering highest quality and affordable professional conference possible including evidence-based speakers and information, including registered CEC’s and CEU’s for participants.
  2. Each of the 3 regions will offer a meeting for members within the region for no charge to improve program interaction, idea sharing, and dissemination of reimbursement, legislation, and benchmarking information.
  3. An annual newsletter will be released via email to all current society members initiated by the Immediate Past President each fall.
  4. Promote educational opportunities through varied media outlets.

Initiative II

Increase professional development and networking opportunities for membership.


  1. Meetings and events will include opportunities for members to network and meet other industry leaders.
  2. The joint-membership agreement with the AACVPR will allow for improved networking and contact development with national members.
  3. New members will be recognized in the newsletter and at welcome events related to national, state, and regional meetings.
  4. Internship and employment opportunities within MI will be made available on society web pages and in newsletters as available.
  5. Initiate leadership outreach to engage members and provide succession plan for Executive Board and other committee opportunities.

Initiative III

Assist with implementation and documentation of best-practices for standardized care throughout the state of Michigan.


  1. The Montana outcomes project has been adopted and supported by the MSCVPR. State funding was procured. Results will continue to be made available to members.
  2. Assistance and recommendations relative to QI based on outcomes project and other relevant data.
  3. MI programs will be encouraged and assisted with achieving/maintaining AACVPR program certification. MSCVPR will continue to promote and provide certification/recertification resources and support as needed.
  4. Ancillary programs will be encouraged and MSCVPR members will assist in program development (e.g. obesity/weight management, congestive heart failure, peripheral artery disease, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, CVA/TIA).
  5. On-going leadership and communication relevant to reimbursement and legislative issues and updates.

Initiative IV

Increase membership retention and recruitment throughout the state of MI.


  1. Periodic assessment of member benefits and goals for the society.
  2. Evaluate Joint-membership agreement based on AACVPR data & feedback.
  3. Communication to members detailing society projects and expenditures; available to members upon request.
  4. Continue strengthening committee involvement and communications.
  5. Hospital & program outreach to improve awareness of MSCVPR & AACVPR.
  6. Outreach to MSCVPR members for promotion. In addition, continual communication with Cardiac and Pulmonary rehab programs to promote MSCVPR.

Initiative V

Create and develop liaison opportunities with professional organizations sharing common interests.


  1. Michigan Society for Respiratory Care
  2. Hospital CR/PR programs throughout MI
  3. AACVPR National office
  4. MI Colleges and Universities with related degree programs
  5. MI Department of Community Health
  6. Michigan Cardiovascular Alliance
  7. PCNA
  8. AACVPR & ACSM Speaker’s bureau and professional resources
  9. AACVPR affiliates
  10. Internship and professional development sites
  11. Vendor relationships
  12. American Heart Association
  13. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association of MI
  14. Clinical Exercise Physiologist Association
  15. MI Rehab Services
  16. Cardiovascular Administrators
  17. P.A.D. Coalition
  • 30th Annual MSCVPR Conference

    For those that attended the conference, you can now access the presentations

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